Posted 26th Dec 2022 (Posted 44 m ago)
I somehow ended up with a presta valve inner tube from halfords, which I must have bought by mistake as I normally get the shrader valve inner tube.

I have the ferrex pump from Aldi and it comes with a presta valve adapter. When I press the lever down on the ferrex pump to lock the valve and start to pump, air comes out of the valve and I have to pump with the air coming out! Am I doing something wrong? When you press the lever to lock, the air should stop coming out of the valve so you can start to pump.

I also have a bike pump from Halfords as below, and I can't get it to work with the presta valve, with or without the adapter.…d=t
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    On my pump. Looks similar to that, but different make, you have to take the end of the pump apart and turn the valve around.

    Not sure if yours is the same!
    yeah, just watched a youtube video and it showed how to change the halfords pump from shrader to presta by taking the bits out of the nozzle. the video is pretty poor as it doesn't show you properly how the bits should be changed but i have seen another video where it says that if you have a presta valve adapter, you don't need to change the pump from shrader as the adapter changes it already. i have now been able to get the halfords pump to work on the presta valve with the adapter from my ferrex pump, but i still can't get the ferrex pump to work, and it should do.
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    I recommend a track pump or something, cheap pumps are cheap for a reason
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