Prestashop? anything better out there..

    Hi all,
    A website i did for someone a while back crashed the other day, it was runnign prestashop nicely, but since as i'm going to do it all again anyway (due to a new update and changes they want) is there anything better out there?

    For free of course


    To be honest I hadnt heard of Prestashop, although I have set up quite a few web sites and ecommerce sites in my time.

    I have used most others out there, Magento, OSCommerce, ZenCart, CubeCart.

    The ones that seem to come out top however when doing a little reading up are Prestashop, CubeCart and Magento.

    It really depends on how much time you want to spend on setup, design, configuration etc (the boring bit) or whether you want something simple to use.

    If the latter then PrestaShop seems like the way to go, with a much simpler user (both customer and admin) than the others.

    OSCommerce and Magento are more powerful and customisable, but require a lot of development and maintenance.

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    Well been honest, I'm thinking more of the backend been easy and effective, reading around myself it does seem prestashop comes on top, with the new 1.4 the features are professional, The maintence would be a issue with OSCommerce but magento could be a idea, How easy is magento to set up and maintain?

    Better than osCommerce and not as good as Prestashop by the looks of it.

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    So seems prestashop again then?

    After playing with many e commerce systems this is what i have found.

    Oscommerce - Not xhtml valid and uses loads of tables, great support but not really up to the modern standards of other systems out there.

    Zencart - Not too bad bad but requires alterations to your server settings depending on your host. not really packed with many features or easy to add your own.

    Cubecart - Very good for customisation however if using paypal for the payment gateway. i would stay clear as the order status and communication between paypal api and the back-end is very poor and confusing to customers.

    Magento - What can i say, best out there by far. Can lead to many hours head scratching whist styling the site as the templates you create are not straight forward. If you've got time to learn it this is the best.

    Opencart - My personal recommendation, good all round and easy to maintain. Only draw back is that the cart system requires javascript enabled to work, I don't see this as a problem but some may.

    Failing that, i now make my own from scratch that is bespoke to clients requirements but this involves knowing PHP, JQuery and AJAX.

    Hope this helps

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