Preston to Gatwick

    Poss a bit early to ask but just to get an idea of the snow situation. Got to take my sister in law to Gatwick tomorrow for her honeymoon.

    Route i shall be taking is M6 - M42 - M40 - M25 but obviously this depends on the snow.

    Has anyone drove on these routes last day or so & could advise.

    help appreciated.


    M6 and M42 around the West Midlands are in full working order.

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    M6 and M42 around the West Midlands are in full working order.

    cheers, just need M40 news now

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    just after an update. anyone tell me if theres blizzards.......

    sNOw jokes please......

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    any updates regarding snow please anyone? im setting off @ 9am. i know things can change but has anyone been on them routes today?

    Oh dear. Sorry things happened the way they did. I'm guessing it was probably about the worst journey you could ever have imagined?

    bro in law does preston to oxford on a monday, he got there m6 m42 m40, good luck take a jumper and a flask
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