Pretome or Demonoid Codes??

    Hey Guys!! Does anyone have any invites for pretome or demonoid???

    Was chucked off pretome cause me and my boyfriend were on holiday together and it picked up that we both had the same IP address, I explanied this but they still chucked us off!!

    Wud be sooo grateful if someone kknows where to get an activation code or invite, cheers guys!


    I will give you a demonoid invite code as soon as it comes back up


    looks like demonoid is down for a long period of time-might of caught them again...


    We will be back as soon as possible, but this will probably be a prolonged downtime.
    Thank you for your patience

    been like that for nearly 2 days.

    Original Poster

    Yeah Ive noticed that Ive been watching it in case they opened registration lolwhen do u reckon it'll be back up?

    Original Poster

    Still no Demonoid, whats goin on with it?? Hmmm...

    Quote from the Demonoid IRC channel:


    The current site status is: "OPEN REGS:UNKNOWN; SITE: DOWN ( … The current site status is: "OPEN REGS:UNKNOWN; SITE: DOWN ( Maintenance); FORUM: DOWN ( Maintenance); TRACKER: DOWN;" THERE IS NO ETA. So please don't ask.

    Hope they're back soon...
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