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    How much would this lot cost

    Nintendo wii with sports
    wii play
    red steel
    wario smoothmoves

    2 x sets of controllers
    gamecube game


    Not the one with TW2007 on ebay then? Haven't got a clue tbh.

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    no a work collegue is gonna sell me his for my friend so at least i no its trustworth just wondered a price

    So is it one of those horrible "make me an offer" things? Keep your eyes on this for a guide : 260194705814

    Seems pretty close to what you're getting, just factor in that ebay bidders are a bit divvy ;-)

    Well going by memory( so all approx):

    console + sports = £180
    wii play = £35
    Zelda = £27 - although I seem to remember it being posted this week at £20 again
    Red Steel = £27
    Warioware = £27

    Controllers x2 (one comes with the console and one comes with Wii Play) so = £0
    Gamecube game (depends what one it is) anywhere between £1 and £20

    So as a bundle cost-wise you'd be looking at about £300 (less if second hand) and maybe less than that seeing as they're all bundled together.


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    so £240 would be good for it?

    not bundled together its all serperate.

    I meant 2 nunchucks (sp??) when i said controllers
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