Price Check : 2 Rare Handheld Games Consoles

1st one is a Tiger Game.Com - good consition but used and unboxed. 2/3 unboxed games but does have the stylus for the touchscreen.

2nd is a Quickshot Supervision good condition with about 4/5 games (all unboxed).

Both fully working - I have no idea if they are worth anything or not. Any ideas?




Wrong forum mate........asked for it to be moved to Misc

Try posting in the "]Misc" forum instead of the "For Sale / Trade" one.

Great minds & fools think alike

what the hell is good consition

What are they?



That's at £27.50 plus £9.99 p&p


http://cgi.*****|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318That's at £27.50 plus £9.99 p&p

Well expensive for what it is.

Original Poster

thanks for moving to the right section sorry about that.

They are handheld games consoles - like a gamegear, gameboy etc..

cheers for that link - mines not worth quite as much as that as its unboxed. Gives me a ballpark though ta.


Try posting in the "]Misc" forum instead of the "For Sale / Trade" … Try posting in the "]Misc" forum instead of the "For Sale / Trade" one.(edit)Great minds & fools think alike

I believe it's great minds think alike and fools never differ

There's also this one on fleabay for £78! (mind you - when it's on a 'buy it now', there's no actual evidence that anyone would pay that much):
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