Price check, N64

Found 11th Oct 2009
Just wondering if anyone knew the going rate for an N64?

got one here, unboxed just the console & 1 pad

probably the 4 best games on the system & a couple others

mario 64
mario kart
zelda the ocarina
007 goldeneye
doom 64
quake 2

might have a few more, but what dya reckon id get on for sale for this lot?

also got final fantasy 7 non platinum in perfect condition with manual, going rate? ta
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games are worth more than console sell them separate
i dont really want an n64 knocking about with no games tho, so may as well chuck it in for slightly moer
Are the games boxed and what condition are they in?
A good price for the N64 would be around 35-40£ ic postage, only game reall worth anything is Kart (this is assuming they are all unboxed).
FF7 has been going quite frequently for about £15 on the bay on buy it nows, so that should be a good place to start :thumbsup:

Car boots are full of them. Tenner for the console and a quid a game.
If you wanted to sell all together I am happy to take it if we can agree price
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