Price check: N95 (Original, not 8gig)

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, mods please move it if it is. Just figured I'd get a better response here than in misc.

    I should hopefully be buying a N95 original as a gift in a few weeks. Hoping I'll be able to find a boxed, mint one. Since the prices seem to vary so much I'm wondering what I should be looking to pay for one? What's a fair price? How much is too much type of thing?



    Wrong section should be in misc, im sure a mod will move it in due course :-)
    I presume it will be a used one £120-£130 seems to be the optimum prices they sell at on ebay. So depending where you are looking at get it from you may be able to get one for a bit less. I know our local cash generator had one in at £120 last week.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Cash generator? Never heard of it. I've looked in CEX but they're asking £250, which is rediculous since you can get the 8gig version for that on ebay and here.

    I know o2 have been selling the original N95's reconditioned so I'm hoping I'll get lucky and find someone selling one of those for a bit of profit (not expecting to get it for the £70 o2 did it for) as it's a gift I really need it to be boxed and mint, so I know I'll probably pay a bit extra.
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