Price check: nokia 5800

    I've been using a 5800 for a while now, but I want the iphone 3Gs. Roughly how much can I get for a okay condition 5800? there are scratches on the body, but screen is in good condition.

    Its unlocked and has 8gb card. I dont have the box anymore.


    Do a search on ebay for completed listings, that'll tell you the going rate. Deduct about 10% to account for eBay and Paypal fees.

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    I've looked, but I mean if I sell it here? just a rough estimate

    A rough estimate would be whatever they are selling for on eBay, no? :thinking:

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    Does 160 seem to much?

    ]Envirofone will pay you £110
    Mazuma will pay you £113
    Make of that what you will.......
    Bear in mind, no hassle of fees, sellers not being happy with what you say the condition is to what condition it arrives in etc

    Oh, before Sassie gets here lol
    If you decide to sell here, you have to wait at least 7 days from when the mods lock this thread before you can sell it, or you'll get into trouble

    Selling around £150 on eBay. I reckon you'll sell at £140 here... no fees though...
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