Price comparison sites

    Please can anybody find me the thread that was started that listed all the comparison sites since the site changed searching for anything on here is a nightmare.


    i dont know the thread, but google price comparison you get about 8 different sites there

    hope that helps

    Took a bit of finding, but its here:


    What happened to the stickies anyway? :?

    [url][/url] is a good one but does have some dodgy sites on it. Depends what your looking for

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    Took a bit of finding, but its … Took a bit of finding, but its here:] happened to the stickies anyway? :?

    Cheers that is the one i am after it is an excellent thread and you are right it should be on a sticky. :thumbsup:

    We can't sticky any more guys... not possible with the new setup.

    If there can't be stickys, there should be a general reference page somewhere. Perhaps at the bottom under the tools heading.

    well, all new help threads we make for HUKD are going to have the tag "hukd help" - so we will be able to reference this easily >>…521
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