price comparison sites and quidco but not really a quidco question I dont think

Ive been checking the comparison website to find cheaper gas and electric. Apparently Id be better off between £57 and £108.61 (difference in results on Energyhelpline, and uswitch for the same tarrif with British Gas). Now if I go through quidco I get £60 from British Gas. Uswitch through quidco £12, MOneysupermarket £20, Energy helpline £13 and £10 from save on your bills. Moneysupermarket apparently also give £30 cashback from the site - does that make £50 total? or is there some kind of only one payment clause?
I think I know the answer but there isnt anyway I can go through Moneysupermarket to B Gas and get both the £20 and £60 is there?????

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