Price for 16GB Ipod Nano

Hi All,

My wife got an Ipod Touch for xmas and her 16gb nano is now surplus to requirements, shes had it less than a year and has been in its protective case since new. Colour Silver.

How much do you think it will be worth?

Many Thanks


Have checked out the cheapest price for a new 16GB Nano and the cheapest I can find is £99 new, so what is the cheapest price you would be perpared to accept 2nd hand, my son needs a new one to take back to uni.

Was thinking in the reign of about £35-40, what do you think and where are you in the country, we live in essex

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Hi Cathy,

Many Thanks for your reply.

I have also been looking at prices and your right £99 is the cheapest I can find. If you offer £55 + P&P then your son can take it to uni with him.

Im in Surrey.

Many Thanks

Can you advise where you are finding one of these for £99, i cannot find that price anywhere; Amazon are charging £135.

I am looking for a new 16gb nano myself

have a look at CEX depends on which generation it is but the price they give ranges from £59 upto £89 depending on condition…all

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Cex seems the way to go, no hassle!!!

Many Thanks
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