Price for a 60GB PS3?

    Just the console and leads.

    I know these are rare now but what sorts or prices will it sell for?

    I thought it might be an investment in selling this ad buying a newer slim model.




    As thats the price they sell for preowned
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    £120 - £140

    Possibly less, people are aware the 60gbs are failing on a regular basis now and obviously second hand might mean that a potential purchaser wouldnt get much use out of it. But then, people still want ps2 compatability even though you can pick up a ps2 for a tenner.

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    Does the fact they are discontinued mean nothing?

    I don't think many ppl are arsed about the extra features the 60gb had, otherwise Sony would most likely have reinstated them on the slim.fwiw cex sell the 60 for £200 with a 12 mth warranty- and their prices are top end, they still sell wiis at £100!
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    Does the fact they are discontinued mean nothing?

    it means they're old and prone to fail hence cheap prices (about £140)
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