Price for a faulty Plasma?

    ** THE SCENARIO **

    Been given my father in laws faulty 42" plasma and have two choices - pay to get it repaired and use it OR sell it as faulty and put the funds towards a new 32" or 37" LCD.

    In this case, size doesn't matter. We can fit the 42" in our living room and when working it's a lovely TV. But a 32" or 37" would also suffice nicely and prob fit in better aesthetically.

    ** THE TV **

    The TV is a Panasonic Viera TH-42PZ70 ( and is out of warranty.

    ** THE FAULT **

    It doesn't turn on. When powered, we get 10 LED flashes which represents a fault code I believe.

    Have spoke with Panasonic and two independent TV repair firms who have said it is likely to be one or more faulty boards and could cost anywhere between £300-500 to repair.

    ** NEXT .. **

    How much could I realistically expect to get if I sold this as faulty? I just have no idea at all ... if it is a measly amount I'd prefer to save up and get it repaired and just keep it. If its a substantial portion of the cost of a new 32" or 37" LCD - I'd sell it.

    Any ideas?


    no more than rusty washers

    Have you checked out completed listings on ebay for the same item?

    i sold my faulty LG plasma for £100 on ebay

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    Yeah .. and I guess I'm kind of answering my own question here but - eBay seems to be really dependent on area as its obviously going to be a collection item. Varies between £80 - £150 from what I can see (not many of them for this model).

    But the problem is the faults those on eBay have had seem to be different - so may have different repair costs. I know a lot of people snap up these on eBay to repair and resell for a profit. But I doubt you'd get over £400 for it if it was working properly.

    I guess private ads are the only non-eBay option. Hmm ... the more I think about it the more I may just save up £500 for repair. If it costs at the bottom end of the quote, bonus.

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    i sold my faulty LG plasma for £100 on ebay

    Last year I sold an LG 32" with a cracked screen for £80 ... a guy drove from Yorkshire to Newcastle to collect :-o


    Based on that.

    350343247920 - Example might not be the exact model one, but under £35 ain't bad fix.

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    Based on that.350343247920 - Example might not be the exact model one, … Based on that.350343247920 - Example might not be the exact model one, but under £35 ain't bad fix.

    Hmm, that does sound very good. Is this realistically a DIY job though? Obviously I don't have to worry about voiding any warranty which is good ... but I wouldn't really know where to start. If its simply a case of disconnecting, removing, inserting, reconnecting then I'll have a crack. Am I going to need a lekky to do it for me?

    Thanks for the info ppl, rep coming.

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    I think you're right ... I'll go with my gut which is to at least attempt a sale for an acceptable amount.

    The firms I spoke to just said "faulty board" but would need to see it to know for sure the extent of the fault. And obviously they'll charge for that :-)

    Decision made ... try and sell for £100 and put towards a 32 or 37 deal in a couple of months time when I've saved the remainder.
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