Price for a ps4 and where to sell it

    Hi guys, where is best to sell a ps4 500g? is there any trade in good offer for the pro?
    I have a white 500gb boxed ps4 bought at Christmas 2014 from game. Cex offer £120, is there anywhere else where I could get more?



    game would beat it by £1 if local to cex.

    Just sell it privately on shpock/gumtree/Facebook selling. No fees and you'll get £150 easy, could ask £160 as it's a white one, never know might get a biter at that. These really haven't dropped in price at all.

    Or trade in with 5 games for a half price pro at GAME...

    GAME price match CEX plus give 5% extra on hardware.

    Gumtree, I buy a new PS4 every year and sell them straight away on there with no issue. Will be selling my D chassie on Friday when I get my PS4 Pro :-)

    Selling my ps4 slim for £200, it is new though.

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    thanks guys, I'll try Gumtree

    Also try shpock it works the same way as gumtree! You'll definitely be able to sell it there for a good price

    gum tree sold my ps4 500GB for £180

    Price match with CEX in game = £147..Trade in some crap games to make it cheaper to update to PS4 Pro - I paid £202 with trade in and Dishonored 2 DO IT!
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