price increase on Amazon

Been looking at buying James Bond Blood Stone for xbox, so looked on Amazon the other day and it was about £25 went on this morning and it was £35 with 5 left in stock, just checked again it's now £42 with 2 left!!

it's like some sort of reverse auction, I've never noticed this before, is it normal for the price to go up as the stock get low?


Seen it before yeah, supply and demand

Just incase you want to know,

The cheapest on xbox is £24.95, ps3 = £24.85 and pc = £21.95

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just found it at that price at Zavvi

yeah did the same for me last year ...i paid well over the odds for sommit on there last year as it was the last one and i couldnt get it anywhere elase...
went up by about 50 quid i a week!!!

prices change by the minute lol never know wether to wait or buy

They do change a bit - sometimes I think if an item is heavily viewed they nudge the price up.....

If you want to buy at amazon it often works to submit a cheaper price via the link of the item page and they often come down to match it

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£44 now!

Was 20 quid ps3 at Asda yesterday not sure xbox


I got it for 20 quid at asda and completed it the same day then traded it in at cex for 21 pound cash

I see zavvi have increased a lot of their prices as well, probably getting ready for the sale on xmas eve.

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I'm not desperate for it I'll wait til the sales.
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