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Found 3rd Jan 2007
Anyone who have read my previous posts will seen that we are after a new Sony TV ( my partner more so,I'm not fussed!) Well after reading about John Lewis Price Match I give them a call about a tv I found cheaper. I finally got a call back today and the store I give Sound & Vision which have a retail store Bolton way,they say they one of the ones they don't Price Match! Seems to me they very selective on who they price match with. If there are shops they don't price match with then maybe they should be stating these on their websites or you should be able to call up and give a list.When I made the 1st call to price match I should been told there and then they didn't price match with them,I think its anything to get out of giving their product cheaper.While I was on phone I have given another retail store,wouldn't surprise me if they didn't price match. Anything to customers advantages there is always some catch when companies are offering anything.


We haven't had any problem with JL and their price match but IMO it's not a good idea to telephone. Some 'jobsworth' usually says no and has been told to do so.

Time to keep get them to keep their word. I would send an email to customer services complaining about the refusal, mentioning trading standards:
and consumer rights…tml

Failing that, ask for the name of the MD and send him/her a letter. Either they will price match or not and if they wont then their slogan means nothing.

HTH and good luck.:)

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I didn't have any choice but to call up as I'm down Canterbury way and the nearest J.L to me is Bluewater.After getting the 1st phonecall refusing Sound & Vision I give them Robert Whyte Ltd who are based in Glasgow.I had a phonecall 15mins later saying they will price match them,I had to go out for school run so took ref # and since getting back in from town,I've called up and ordered.I even got free delivery,the other place would charged me £50.I know a few websites have got it a bit cheaper online but I chose J.L as they give 5 year warranty.

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear; I meant that I would have emailed customer services. We haven't a local JL either.

It's seems odd who they will and wont price-match. Anyway, good news that it's sorted now and I agree about the JL 5 year warranty.:thumbsup:

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I'm glad its sorted,I'm fed up of my partner going on about buying a new tv,there is nothing wrong with one we already have.Like anything electrical costly to repair,so extra warranty a must.
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