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Found 20th Dec 2007
Hi, I have been searching for the stores that pricematch against other websites/stores, but the only thread I can find is the PC World one. I remember someone posted on here a couple of weeks ago about there being other stores that pricematch and give you 10% of the difference, but I can't remember which. Can anyone shed any light on this, because I'm in desperate need to replace our HD LCD TV, after our 1yr old broke it! (don't ask!)
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hi have you looked at your insurance policy? if you have accidental cover on your house contents you shoul dbe able to claim if your little one broke it accidentaly, worth a look i reckon!!!
I know John Lewis price matches, but not online prices, and they're pretty strict.
I just bought a Sony LCD TV, and got a free 5 year Sony guarantee with it, although to get this, you need to buy instore, and I think that offer ends on the 24/12. They are based in Birmingham. The shop's website is:


I found their prices to be among the cheapest anywhere, even coming close to Amazon's. They say they will try to beat any price.
Hi and thank-you for your replies. We are covered, and are being sent out a gift card for Currys, but do you know if they pricematch, like PC World with other electrical stores and online companies that are in their month's top ten price matches. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, but I've been looking for the thread that stated which companies do this, and all I can find is the PC World one, but aren't Curry's part of the same group? Also I'm looking to buy a TV around the £1000 mark when I get this giftcard, does anybody know when the Currys sale starts and what is the best high def tv to get at the moment for this kinda price. Thank-you in advance everybody! :-)
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