Price mislabelled

    saw a MP3 portable charger on high street store, price tag stated £4.99, but at the cashier I was told it's £24.99.
    Obviously, a '2' is missing on the tag.
    what's the legality on this? can I insist on paying £4.99?




    There is no law they have to honour's an invitation to treat.

    Nope, they can "withdraw from sale"


    Nope. :)There is no law they have to honour's an … Nope. :)There is no law they have to honour's an invitation to treat.


    i had this happen in pcworld with a dvd rewriter, shelf label said 14.99 went through till at 44.99 when i should her the shelf label she took the label and let me have it at 14.99, which is what most shops do

    I think it depends on whether it was the only item on the shelf that had been mispriced or if everything was priced at £4.99 but the tills had a different price.

    For example, if all the items have £4.99 on them plus the shelf tag has £4.99 and it's very clearly not a typo - you have a case. That's how I understood it.

    OP you have taken the 1st course of action, which was to open a HUKD thread about it, we do require a picture, scanned or mobile phone pic, just in case you were lying,(but why you would take a camera phone shopping with you is beyond me) ok if you dont get any sensible answers, then I'd suggest the CAB, if still no joy, I'd boycott the store or find a store that has a full set of numbers in stock.

    did they take the cash out of your hand, if so its binding, whether or not they will admit that easily is a different story.
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