Found 7th Oct 2008
Hi could some one please give me a valid reason why the price of oil is nearly half what it was 4 months ago yet unleaded has fallen a whopping 5p !!!!!


Ummm ! pure greed :whistling:

Ask our Awesome prime minister!
Mr Brown..... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

aye, but it took one (maybe two) companies to drop the price before everyone else followed suit. As long as they keep doing that, I read somewhere it could be getting back to the good old 80p mark (unleaded).

That, and then tax will undoubtedly be increased. Woop.

I don't think it's dropped as much as half the price, more like a quarter?


I don't think it's dropped as much as half the price, more like a quarter?

From today

Prices have fallen almost 40 percent since reaching a record at $147.27 on July 11.

Its called profiteering!

We are always the fall guys.

Other countries stop the rot, our government just lets business take advantage of us.

It is because about 15p is what the oil company charges for the oil, so dropping 5p is about right, the rest of the cost of the litre you better ask..................the Laural and Hardy Team ;-)

Whilst the lack of a decrease is contemptable at least you can get the best deal in your local area from this website


Make it so!

Soth 8-)

Don't forget the dollar has dropped as well, from 2.0 to around 1.6

when it was $150 a barrel at $2/£1 that was £75, but now at £100 a barrel at $1.6/£1 it is £62.50
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