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Found 5th Jan 2011
Ithink it would be great if everyone sent an e-mail or contacted these guys to ask what they are doing about the price hikes in our diesel and Petrol.
These guys need to be nudged on the peoples anger on prices
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Isn't it obvious , "These guys"
He means them guys, not those guys or these guys...doesn't he...Can I have a pint of what he's on too.
i agree on the point your getting at .
The price is going up further in the year as well these current increases - £1.30 / litre soon
OP - i think maybe a protest would be more suited like the student protests on uni fees
Edited by: "denandyas" 5th Jan 2011
you aint seen nothing yet. Oil predictions above $100 a barrel so the £7 gallon will soon be here I reckon.
i,m gonna buy a bike lol
oil price

think we should be all buying shares in oil companies that would be a hot deal with all the money they are raking in lol
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