Price of the dark knight in supermarkets?

    Hey there! Does anyone know what the price of batman: the dark knight will be instore tomorrow in tesco and morrisons? I tried to find out in sainsburys but they said they were not even sure they were going to get any as they use the same supplier as woolies and they are closing down. So does anyone know?


    I'm pretty sure its £13.xx in Asda. There doesn't seem to be a massive amount of stock in either.

    £9.99 morrisons I think


    Woolworths is the only place under a tenner i'm … Woolworths is the only place under a tenner i'm afraid.

    not true…n-/

    it's £11.97 in sainsburys they had loads in stock in our local one

    Whsmiths its 6.99 if you spend 20 on books/stationary first. So from 26.99.

    Not sure if this is just in store. To be fair the store in Weybridge today was out of Stock. Clearly good supply from Woolies or it just hadnt arrived.

    Don't think Woollies will get any supply - my online pre-order was canceled which makes me think no one will supply them!

    tescos got it @ £20.97!
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