Price of the Wii to go up (?)

    Nintendo have been kind enough to raise the wholsale price of the Wii by £20.00, wiping all the profit from places selling the consoles at £179.99, this will either result in many shops simply stopping selling htem or the prices going up to the £199.99 mark.

    Lets hope Nintendo are't getting arrogant again like when they released the Gamcube, they rested on their laurels and tried to get publishers to pay ridiculous amounts of money to publish GC games, fair enough thought the publishers and released all their games on the Playstation instead.


    ive heard this before i wonder if its true am not too fussed as i owned a wii

    but it is ridculous if they are hiking the price

    Their hiking the cost price but leaving the RRP the same !!
    That way when the shops up the price Nintendo can claim it's not their fault ! Draw your own conclusions. . .

    Ok, so Nintendo is in this game to make money like any other company but there problem lies not with a system that will be dearer than a PS3 soon but that they are releasing **** games for the system, who needs more brain cooking sports training games and old ports from the gamecube.
    Get some good games out and you wont have to raise the price of your system, more people will be purchase more than a handful of games.

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    Ive got quite a few games for the wii but just cant be bothered with it, only really played for any length of time Zelda (most boring, bland Zelda of all time) Mario Galaxy (Better than I was expecting but not a Mario 64 beater) Resident Evil 4 (a classic), Ive barely touched anything else and not even turned the machine on for months,I go to have a go then start thinking about having to wave my arms about and just cant be arsed.
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