Price of Unleaded Petrol keeps going up - any ideas why?

I've noticed over the past few weeks Unleaded petrol seems to go up every week.
There used to be a 10p difference between petrol and diesel but this is now only 4p - Unleaded 98.9p and Diesel 102.9

Wondered if this is the norm every where or just something odd round here.

Let me know


i have noticed the same.....creeping back up hoping noone notices

Umm, Credit crunch?

I have a Diesel Car and I can't remenber why the price overtook unleaded...Could it be the goverment noticed they done more miles to the Gallon......sorry Litre


goverment has to make it's money back somehow after paying of the expenses bills:x, could just be because it's summer and they know everyone will be out with their petrol strimmers :-D

Normal one station near us still doing at 99.9 on diesel.

Greed. It's the petrol companies not the government this time.

get used to it, we have passed peak oil production, only lower taxes will lower price now and that ain't gonna happen soon.


Petrol prices are determined by the oil futures prices....similar to buying and selling shares.

the more people who bid for the forecasted price, the price rises and when less people are interested in bidding the price drops until the buyers come back in.

barrel prices and I believe OPEC voted a few months ago to slow production so I guess that it filtering through!!


The chart is measured in barrel prices, but oil companies sell futures contracts to hedge against loss and also to stabilize the price they get for the oil, so it isn't fluctuating all the time like the chart does.

If every retailer payed the barrel price that is shown on the chart how could they give discounts to their bigger buyers?
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