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    Hi all
    I need some help. Im on a mobile contract and im very happy with my price plan. Im on the flext 35 where i get £160 of allowance. Now i dont use all off my allowance and im always left with about £80 - 90 of allowance left before it gets renewed.

    Im going to be starting my mobile business soon and i want a different number to my personal number but i dont want to get another contract and waste more money on line rental and bills every month so can i get another number to share on my price plan ( so have two numbers on the 1 price plan)


    Afraid not.

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    thank you


    thank you

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it is not possible. Otherwise this would be perfect for my Mum as well.

    You can have multiple lines on one contract but that is only as a business (see below). You can not share your current personal Flext plan.…ns/

    Similar plans also available on other networks.

    Typically, your paying up to £15 extra per extra line / handset.

    This does not allow for 2 lines on one phone.

    T-Mobile did used to do a priority line for premium customers (even personal). Give them a call and check. Basically, you have two numbers on one phone/handset. Your phone needs to be line 2 compatible and T-Mobile will need to enable the service. This probably sounds like what you are looking for. I haven'r used Line 2 service for 10 years so hence you will need to check with the service provider.

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    Thats what i thought. On some sim cards when you go into option to see your phone number there is a line 1 and a line 2. Thats why i thought you could have two numbers on 1 line
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