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    rememeber readin that stores like pc currys an dixion do a price match an 10% as well.
    just got a wii in sainsbury. could i get it cheaper in one of these stores ''(within the 30 miles) an if so have would i go bout doin this


    yeh pc world def do, its 10% of the difference so you could get it for about £3 cheaper. But prob not worth the hassle to get it for £147 if you already bought one. Cost more in petrol to take it back. lol.

    normally they require proof of the price difference being either published advertising from the cheaper shop or some form of headed notepaper from the cheaper shop stateing the price , headed notepaper being the recipt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no fun , if you get a nice store then they may except your word for it or as i have done in the past take a picture of the item in the other store with your phone , basically if you know its cheaper elsewhere then just buy it elsewhere unless the petrol costs dont warrent it

    dixion, lol,

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    oh didnt realise it was 10% of the difference though it was 10% off the price. if thats the case not worth it then
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