price this car !

    Cannot find a good price guide for a car I am interested in so thought I could get your views on it.

    2001 BMW 320ci coupe auto
    63k miles
    leather seats, tinted windows.
    tax/mot 1 year
    2 prev owners
    great condition in side out.
    private seller



    What Year??

    about 5 grand, depending on year

    Original Poster


    What Year??

    knew id forgotten something.



    3 quid

    ill give £5 and a tin of hotdogs

    2001 5k???????

    mr miagi;2778622

    2001 5k???????

    Seven tops

    Original Poster

    im saying around 5 too
    its in v good condition

    trying to get it for 4200

    i got a 325 ci sport 51 plate, worth about 7, cod only done 40000 miles and had from new, so i recon 5 is about right, seems good for 4200

    4k sounds about right.

    Good luck with the sale!

    according to glass (which is what a dealer would use

    BMW 3 Series 320Ci
    2.2 Petrol 2-door Coupe
    5 Speed Automatic Rear Wheel Drive
    Year: 2001 51
    Mileage: 63,000

    Part-exchange Price:
    Excellent condition:

    Average condition:

    Below average condition:


    BTW that car will absolutely drink fuel!

    looking at about 20 - 25 MAX round town.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys
    heavy on fuel and insurance so gave it a miss
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