Price/Interest check:40gb PS3 + 2 controllers + 8 games + 2 Bluray

Considering selling my PS3 40gb just wondering if there would be interest for it and how much approx it's worth? Haven't look around in a while at prices so interested to see what you guys think

It's boxed complete in very good condition.

Comes with:
Power cable, composite cable etc
HDMI cable
White Dualshock 3 controller
Black sixaxis controller

And the following 8 games all in great condition:
Metal Gear solid 4
The Club
Sinstar + Mics
Warhawk + Blutooth headset

Also I think there's a locoroco game and super rub a dub game bought and downloaded on the hardrive. As well as Home Beta.

and these two blu-rays:
Transformers (Special edition)


Hi I am definetly interested at the right price, can pay cash or trade an x-box 360 with accesories


Wrong place to have a request. Try misc or wait until you have a price and repost.

Original Poster

anyone got ideas on price?

the console with controllers is worth around £200

Metal Gear solid 4 £15 preowned it costs
Motorstorm- 2 for £20
Resistance- 2 for £20
The Club- This is like £8

Sinstar + Mics- dunno
Warhawk + Blutooth headset-dunno
Bluerays are probably a tenner each dunno but thats a guess

£20 for Sinstar
£20 for LBP
Warhawk and headset £15
£8 for the BR DVDs

£314 total

You'll get £300 ish ono


bout 11p
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