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Posted 6th Aug 2008
hi was just wandering if anyone has just come back from turkey, marmaris and was wandering if you could tell me what the prices are like for alcohol and tabs was there 2 yr ago and was wandering if it hs gone up much going in 4 wks thanks tracey
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Try all the reviews on the ]holiday truths website.

Click onto the forums and you it will give you detailed reviews of hotels and resorts etc. You should definitely get the info that you require on there.
hey i call them tabs!
I been there 9 times, TBH, the best place to buy the 'tabs' is on the plane as you know they're real. The prices in Turkey have shot up in the last 10 years so they're isn't a vast difference between the plane price and the local price, I remember when the fags were 70p a pack. Remember too that its non-EU, so leave room in the case for smuggling. Also my folks just got back from there and apparently the airline staff at the return check in are really tight on the weight allowances, although it'll probably be about 40 degrees so clothing is minimal.
Anything else let me know, I been Marmaris 6 times, (Go to Natalies steakhouse on the seafront, 32oz T-Bone steak, MMMmmm)
you can get really good well made 'fake designer' clothes very cheap !

you can get really good well made 'fake designer' clothes very cheap !

Yeah, my cousin bought a Armani T-shirt, shame the label on the color said Summer Lovin :w00t::w00t:
Watches, shades, clothes, they're all fake so don't listen to the shop keepers (original qualitet), although saying that I have some versace jeans that I think were £10 5 years ago and they still going strong, and not faded.
Practice the haggling, if you think it's too dear then walk away. They'll call you back if they can make a profit on it, (They aren't allowed to follow you down the street anymore cos they get shut down if they get caught, lol)
When I was there I got 12 watches at £4 each, sold all bar 2 for £10-£15 each, made £76 profit.

Me and my brother went halves on 50 pairs of Calvin Klein boxer shorts (all in box's), when we got home half of them only had 1 leg in them :w00t::w00t:
Oooh, unlucky LFC. I have bought boxers before, they aint made that well....socks on the other hand ....i think i got 30 pairs for £10,
Tracey, If you are shopping, go to the market on a thursday in Marmaris down by the marina, take a cold drink and psych yourself for it though.....good bargains there, haggle hard
am a good haggler been before got 3 track suits for 25 was just wandering how much the price of effis and there local drinks had gone up
Efes is between £1 & £2 if i recall, but some of the restaurants will chuck free stuff in if you eat there, we went with 14 people, always had the first round free and usually other stuff too, one restaurant we ate in 5 times gave us free beer all night on the last night.....always best to ask what they'll give you, lol
Have a wicked time, I'm jealous, no holiday for me this year
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]we were in gumbet 2 weeks ago
efes, there local beer was 5 lira = £2.50
we bought our son 3 football kits from turgatris market for £7 each (new liverpool, one not out in the shops yet!)..
my daughter had t.shirts for £1 each, playboy, diesel, victoria beckham, & bench..
we had a fab time, going back next year..
but like others say, not as cheap as you think for drinks & meals, if going with kids try & barter for free kids meals!![/COLOR]
i got back 2 weeks ago from Side near Antalya and was suprised how much dearer everything was compared to Dalaman side of Turkey. Not of the genuine fakes were cheap there - I was gutted! Food not bad 2 adults 2 kids main meal bottle of water and Efes paid no more than £30, but didnt bother with starters of desserts as u always get salad and bread and fruit after. Fags we got on the plane they were cheaper than out there. If u do buy local fags get the L&Ms.
was in marmaris 6 weeks ago you will pay around 3 lira for a efes, could you bring some home lol

footbal strips £10 lira
kids lacoste shirts 3 for a tenner

i want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!now¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬
why do people buy fake clothes , better off buying next clothes.

if buying designer clothes buy the real stuff which is quality. It does cost much more but your paying for it.

Whereas fake stuff is rubbish and lasts like i dunno how long but not long.

Prices are usually more expensive in the summer.

im here atm and its kinda hot !
maybe we cant all afford to buy real designer clothes and to be honest theres no way id spend that amount of money on clothes for my kids to kick around in! they are happy with there fakes and im happy at the price of them!!!!!
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