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Found 13th May 2009
Hi all,
I'm running a student society, and we're due to publish our annual periodical shortly. The only thing is I'v been left a tad short on funding, and thus have to resort to selling advert space.
The publication would be sent to 2000 students, and be 4 pages (2 folded sheets of a3) in full colour. How much should I be asking for advertisement space?


A bi-monthly free paper which is distributed round my area to 3000 homes charges £12.50 for a business card sized advert. Black and white only.


edit: didn't see it was an annual thing. maybe more then..

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This is a little more targeted a market than a mass mailing so I'd hope that would make student oriented adverts worth more, and I could only include 2-4 adverts as otherwise it would look rather cluttered I think, and detract from the advertisements in it - it can't be something like the local free papers which have nearly all adverts and no content.
Yeah it is supposed to be an annual thing, as funds allow at least!

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Anyone who has bought advertisement comment on the price?
My total shortfall is about £120, am I going to get anywhere near this?

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Sorry to bump this, but could do with a little help Don't want to go pitching too high and looking an idiot, or selling too cheaply either.
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