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    Hi All.

    Im wondering if anyone can give my some ideas on the correct price of some stuff ive got to sell...

    A Faulty Xbox 360, Wasnt banned on live, does have modifed firmware on MS25 drive, error is 3 red lights, and E73 (changes between the two), it has already had the xclamps done.

    Also A wireless xbox 360 controller, brand new, oem

    and a 64mb memory card for xbox 360.

    a used xbox 360 power brick.

    Please i just want guidance on prices, i want to try selling them at work first really. Ive had a look on ebay and through a few threads but id like to make sure im around the right mark.

    I was thinking sub £50 for the 360. £20ish for wireless controller. £30 for the used power brick. I have no idea about the memory card tho, again thats new and OEM.


    I'd say your prices are around the right price :thumbsup: Memory card around £10

    try 20-30 for the console (it's had alot of work done)
    15 for the power brick
    10-15 for controller.

    I reckon around 60 for the lot if you're lucky. Just look on ebay.

    I'm between the 2 of them.

    Reckon £50 ish for the console is fair. Probably £15-£17 for the controller (its £22.98 new delivered as cheapest price), £15 for the power brick and probably £6-8 for the memory card.
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