Posted 24th Oct 2022

I was wondering if it is possible to setup an alert for pricing error (glitch) deals.
I have a free text alert for the term "pricing glitch" but it would miss deals like this:…519

As it doesn't include those words (plus I get around a page of deals from months back then I'm going back into 2012 when I follow the alert results).

The deal above is tagged (I assume by a Moderator) with this:

Probably a pricing error, so orders may be cancelled.
It can be fun to give it a go, and it's very unlikely the shop will charge you full price, but don't be too disappointed if it doesn't work out! Here's what Citizen's Advice has to say on it.

So ideally I'd like an alert that follows that tag, is that possible?

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    I’ve been here a while and had plenty of glitches , forgot alerts only way you get the best ones is by freshing new all the time and getting lucky , above deal

    Another deal I grabbed but didn’t come through in the end but was in the mix (edited)
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