Pricing for Mega Drive games

Hi all,

I need help with pricing for the following as I'm not too sure how much these go for nowadays. I have got a rough idea from eBay and a one or two sites I came across but I'm still unsure. Don't want to price too high/low.-


All games have box and instructions unless stated.

Sega Mega Drive II -all leads, no box, 1 controller - £?

Sonic 3 (unboxed) - £?
Ex-Mutants - £?
Mega Games 1 (Columns, Super Hang On, World Cup Italia 90) - £?
Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament - £?
The Incredible Hulk - £?
USA 94 - £?
NBA Live 95 - £?
Paper Boy - £?
Fifa 96 - £?
Street Fighter II - £?
Sensible Soccer (Unboxed) - £?
Classic Collection (Alex Kidd, Altered Beast, Gunstar Heroes, Flicky) - £?


I have an idea on what to price but don't want it to be too low/too much.




seen on ebay for a couple of quid- decided to keep my collection of sega games

ebay might do better but you can see those games for a quid each down any car boot.

Nothing there gamewise thats worth for than £2 each
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