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    Hi, I'm am thinking of listing my Wii games on the forum tonight, ive looked at the prices on CEX to get an idea of what they go for.
    What I wanted to know should I price them at near what they sell for or near what they would buy them from me for, (its just that some of the prices they pay seem really low)

    Is there a better site to get an indication to what these games are worth
    Thanks for your help guys.


    ebay or just list them and members will point out if its to high

    EDIT. What i meant was that if there is a deal on this site for said game for cheaper then it wil be pointed out! :thumbsup:

    List em for what cex would buy em at plus postage on top

    people will always try and knock your price down whatever you list it as, so expect that!


    well if cex will give you £10 cash for a game, then list it for £10, persoanlly you need to look ta what cash they will give you, not the credit amount

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    List em for what cex would buy em at plus postage on top

    Prices are really low = dont really want to let them go for £4 and £5 per game, some are £12, £18 etc but most are really low. Might just do an average price! Cheers guys for your help. Rep coming over your way


    cross match them between cex and ebay, and remember people will only pay what they think is good so they will knock you down anyway

    Ask for what you feel thay are worth, obviously not above RRP, list them all, most on here will offer you what they feel its worth and then you just strike a bargain and meet in the middle (hopefully)

    Also CEX is not always a good site to use for pricing stuff.

    Don't sell them for what CEX will give you for them...........they are a business., you're not. If you want to price against them then go for what they are selling them for as that is the price the tight asses on here will have to buy them for from there if they want them. lol

    People will ask you to price low as it suits them..........go with what you want.


    Use that as a reference point, gives new/used online prices . . . . .

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    [url][/url]Use that as a reference point, gives … [url][/url]Use that as a reference point, gives new/used online prices . . . . .

    Are these prices for new or used games please? - Very similar to CEX "we sell for" price

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    Please lock - games have been listed. Thanks

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