Primark - Love it or Hate it???

Found 15th Jul 2009
This could get interesting!!!
Personally I'm more inbetween. I used to love it but I don't think it's that cheap anymore for certain items. Back when I loved it was more because that was about all I could afford. Picked up a skirt the other day, it was £13 I thought it would be about £5! About 5 years ago I got a ton of stuff for my holidays for about £50 don't think I could get half as much now. I can buy cheaper in River Island and Jane Norman, etc in their sales and the quality would be better. I rarely go in now and if I buy anything it's maybe a shirt for work or bikinis (they are great for price). I have bought a few things that got holes in them very quick, fell apart at the seems but I also have a top that I bought 6 years ago that's still as good as new!
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I hate it apart from the cheap shoes lol

Too messy!! Only like certain things, shoes,bags,accessories & SOME kids things.
throw away consumerism .......

gotta hate it
Lol this is a coincidence. I hadn't been in a Primark before as there isn't one near me but today I went in 1 for the first time! I bought loads of kids clothes, 6 tees, 5 pairs of trousers and a hoodie for £28.50. I don't think i could beat that anywhere else :-D
Like walking into a Beirut jumble sale, full of scruffs But sells cheap Jewellery!

Don't have one in my town the nearest one is a good hour away, the rare … Don't have one in my town the nearest one is a good hour away, the rare occasion I have been in there it reminded me of a jumble sale. I picked up a couple of things, which were really cheap, went to pay for them, took one look at the queue, which I've never seen the like of since Disney World and quickly changed my mind and left,lol:p

arite sparkle ? x we are lucky to have a quite nice store here but the queues are still ridiculous even tho they have loads of till banks. The towels and bedding were ok but iv'e not been for a while
I have never been in a Primark and dont intend to.......
the quality and value for money aint as good as it used to be imho. Probs due to it being more sociably acceptable to shop there. I hardley buy anything from there anymore even the baby clothes are really badly sized the arms are always miles too long

I do still buy shoes from there the odd bag its ok for classic bits like vests, socks, knickers, t shirts etc but if i want a hoody i have to buy a 16 for it to fit my tits:roll: im normally a 12 then it doesn't fit properly.

A few more reasons i dont buy clothes form there thou are

1. Im petie so jeans and trousers dont fit anyway (shorts/crops are ok)
2. They dont do my size in bras:x
3. bikinis ^^this^^ which is shame as they are really nice

i would rather shop in new look nowdays as clothes seem to fit better.
Not been in 1 for a few years now,crazy long ques always,otherwise I have bought a few bits in there in past,not a great deal.

I have never been in a Primark and dont intend to.......

+1 :thumbsup:
They are opening a huge new one in Bristol........not a big fan, prefer quality over quantity but good for throwaway tees, pants and socks when travelling

Makes room for duty free on way home lol
I buy my cheap shoes in it, babys vests, socks, sometimes t shirts for the weans, but I tend to try and stock up when the Next sale hits, as OP says I can buy from their at not far off Primark prices for much better quality clothes.

But I think its disgusting the way people treat it, when you go into ours later in the day its like a jumble sale.
My sis in law works in the manc one and she said people come from all over the country and spend £100's in there ................HOW??? lol
Hi girls x x
Don't mind the shop or some of its stuff, just can't be doing with some of the skegs who shop there.

Hi girls x x

Hi chicky are you ?
ok for the odd thing
Hi CoM

Hi CoM

Hey sweetness, how ya doin? x x

Hi chicky are you ?

Hi gorgeous, been missin you, how's it goin? x x
my better judgement tells me to walk away now
People went crazy when the 1 in Oxford St opened,just go up that end or be going into Marble Arch tube,full of people with Primark bags,never just 1 or 2 each either.
great for kids jammies and holiday stuff,not for me though, i'm a next gal

Hello there CoM, fancy seeing you in here tonight,lol:-DWhere's the chit … Hello there CoM, fancy seeing you in here tonight,lol:-DWhere's the chit chat thread tonight, is it in need of a bump?

Hi gorgeous x x

Nah the girls are in it with Steven I think lol
used to spend loads in there, but gone off it recently

good for ladies undies, kids basics and accessories
I didnt think much to it until a brand new store opened near me and now i quite like it. Great for kids bits that they grow out of quickly and ive bought lots of shoes in there too.

If i try the store near my mums im in and out within 30 seconds as i just cant stand it
Love it - only ever been to one once, and I didn't have much spending money at the time, but I got a lot of clothes for my £40 and the majority of them are still being worn to this day and are still in great condition!

Will have to go to Liverpool again soon.
I've never been a fan. don't understand what all the fuss is about!
i like primark socks and i also buy basic tees from there and towel and house stuff i hate their jeans and clothes
From a guy's point of view it's great for socks, boxers and shirts/ties for work, wouldn't shop in there for much else....
Hate it with a passion.... People just go crazzzyyyyyyyyyy in there!

But i canw why the ladies go crazy in there. Sometimes my wife comes home with bags full of stuff and when she tells me the prices, i cant believe they can sell stuff for soo cheap! But for men its totally cack! (or atleast the few times ive been in there)
Went in there once and just felt very uncomfortable.

Someone actually picked up some plain t-shirts from there to try and convince me it was okay.

The t-shirts went completely shapeless after a couple of washes so I tend to think if a place can't do basics well, I won't trust them with much else.

I don't particularly hate them, but for me they're just not something I'm into. If you're not really into your clothes then they're cheap.
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