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    Hi there,

    Can anybody locate the thread about the bury Primark store opening tomorrow. I can't find it anywhere


    hi i dont know how to find it but apparently the everything will be a £1 isnt true.

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    well I have looked and looked

    You didn't even remotely answer their question anyway.

    Oh yeah haha I blame the wine

    Comments deleted.

    that thread has been spammed

    Everything for a £1 haha what's that then half price sale?


    Everything for a £1 haha what's that then half price sale?

    WE've heard that about ten times today!

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    Thanks numpty x

    Did you want to know anything specific OP ?

    Original Poster

    Not really, was just checking if it was true or not. It was only to buy a few baby bits. Thank you though for trying to help x

    No probs,apparently these rumours start everytime a new store opens up.


    I will be rocking tomorrow at the rock


    Can't wait to see the new rock.

    Going now with my friend
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