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Found 12th Jun 2016
Hi Everyone,
Advice wanted from HDUK'ers who have done the Prince 2 qualifications. I love the deals hear but there is no info regarding educational cources on the site.

I am interested in doing prince 2, as I believe it might help my career and therefore more income. I've search online but it's confusing and full of ads from providers.

Is Prince2 really valued in the work place?
Any recommendation on providers or offers to do both foundation and practices levels?
Any subsidies avaliable etc?

Thank you for your comments.

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First of all, PRINCE 2 is very good. However it is not the sole methodology for Project Management. It tries its best to keep up to speed with complementary techniques and if it is similar to when I achieved it the course and exams can be tailored towards areas which particularly interest you.
I suggest you could look for a course in Project Management which offers PRINCE 2 as just one of the topics/exams within its syllabus. It would be far better if you can get an employer to suuport you through this rather than hope to find an employer after you gain the qualification. I know some employers who use PRINCE 2 in a highly customisable way - and quite often shy off employing people who only know the "vanilla" version.

If you go through then you cannot go far wrong.

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I'd recommend looking in to some AGILE certifications.

The certified scrum master is a great course to do, and is a well respected certification in IT.

The PRINCE courses are very intense, if you do one do both the foundation and practitioner together.

Usually you are in classroom Mon & Tues, Foundation exam Wed Morning. The Wed afternoon and Thurs in class for the practitioner exam. I've done both Prince & PGP which are very similar, and for both you need to put the hours in after class as well. If you can afford it i wold 100% recommend doing a residential course so you are away from home for the week so no distractions and others to help bounce questions off. I would avoid the online courses - but thats just personal preference on how i learn.

Original Poster

Hi guys, thank you tardytortoise, adam_holcombe, paul1005 for some excellent advice!

I agree that this and the other courses mentioned is excellent way to enhance our careers.

The issues for my circumstances is that my employer is great but doesn't have a training program yet. From doing research on the course, I definitely feel that this certification would help my work and the benefit the company also.

Additional question, what was the course fees when you guys did the courses. I'm hoping if I can get a reasonably priced program (not online) I can take it to the company and ask if they would fund me. Thanks again.

i have to agree with the above. prince2 is highly regarded. but to be honest is slightly over rated. all the pm's in our dept. are prince2 qualified. but we are now adding in Agile.
prince planning and Agile delivery. suits us better.

Mine was so long ago I cannot remember the cost - but it was quite significant compared with other training costs. If I recall correctly there are only a small few who are "licensed" or approved to deliver the course so beware of the charlatans. I was lucky, insofar it was company policy to use PRINCE - mandatory in fact - and the structure of part of the company reflected that.
It sounds as if you are not only persuading the company that it would be good for them to invest in you this way - but to invest part of the company into the methodology. Having just one practitioner would not be a good idea. So, I suggest you put forward a small paper to the deciders in your company suggesting they invest in training many people in the company. Some will only need an appreciation course, and some up to practitioner level. Get them to agree in principle, the next step you working up a cost/benefit analysis calling perhaps on 2 or 3 potential providers for this training. Good providers will structure something especially to cover your companies needs and the needs of key individuals. Training can be delivered on company premises or elsewhere. I remember in my day some providers delivered their training in Spain - it was cheaper than using UK accommodation. Looked like dodgy freebies but as long as the bean counters could see the value and the training was appropriate then there was never a problem.

I've just completed and passed my Prince2 practitioner. Will start to look for roles in next couple of weeks so will see if I get an increase in rates. Agree with above if you do Prince2 then complete foundation and practitioner at one time. I've done numerous project analyst/coordinator roles and needed Prince2 Practitioner under my belt to try and get into Junior PM roles. Having spoken with my training company they are now advising me to start looking at Agile methodology, as this is where many companies have started moving into. Prince2 is really good to have (at least foundation level) and gives you a good grounding of project methodologies.
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