Prince Charles and the Corgi

    Prince Charles was driving his 4x4 through the grounds of Balmoral when he drove over the Queens favourite Corgi and squashed it flat.

    Finding a small lamp under the hedge he proceeded to rub it and released the Genie who promptly offered him one wish. Fearing his mothers wrath he asked for the Corgi to be returned to normal health.

    The Genie took a look at the Corgi and promptly told Charles the even he was unable to fix this problem and was there any other wish.

    Charles said, Well my first wife was very beautiful but I didn´t love her, I love my current wife but she really doesn´t look much so can you make my new wife look more like my first wife?

    The Genie took a look and said

    Let´s take another look at the Corgi.......


    not bad
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