Pringles advent calendar

Found 7th Nov 2017
I just want to buy one from B&M, but why all of them are vandalised? I've been to more than 4 stores now, there were 5-6 on display and not one is intact. Is there some sort of hate against pringles that I don't know about?


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As far as I can work out these contain 12x40g tubs for £8. Firstly advent has 24 days so they are selling you short, secondly a tub of Pringles contains 190g and costs £1-£2 . Rip off city. Be thankful they are vandalised. Saving you a fortune by not buying
Check Sainsbury’s. I think my local had them there but not sure
If you could make your own box for it these are 3 tins for £1 in Poundland
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