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    We currently have some welfare computers at work. 3 of which are connected via lan rj45 to a modem router. we are looking at buying another 2 computers and connecting them via lan rj45 to the same router, my question is how do i connect a printer to the network


    If one PC is on all the time just hook it up to that. Most operating systems, windows, linux, let you share the printer amongst all PC's on the network.

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    Excellent, so i dont need to get a print server, i just need to find a 5 port modem router?

    How do you currently connect to the net? If you have an ADSL router with a DHCP server (most do) you just need something like…456 or…457
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    im not sure if its adsl or not, its through BT


    Excellent, so i dont need to get a print server, i just need to find a 5 … Excellent, so i dont need to get a print server, i just need to find a 5 port modem router?

    How many router ports have you already got? If you have a 4 port, you could jsut get a small switch/Hub and plug it into what you already have. Amazon had a good deal for one on here for £6ish i think
    Then just plug 3 PCs into your 4 port router, then the new hub/switch into the 4th port on the router and plug the 2 new PCs into that.
    It would make sence to have the PC that will have the printer permently connected to it, connected to the router and not the hub (just due to the speed decrease, E.G. If you have a 10/100 router connected a hub with 2 PC the speed will half if you have 4 it will devide by 4 [only between the hub and the router, computers on the hub will still be 10/100 and computers connected directly to the router 10/100, its only when you do anything between computers directly connected to the router and ones directly connected to the hub]. Forget all that last bit if you want, and it is only a very basic explantion before people start moaning

    Here is a cheap Gigaswitch 10/100/1000 if your new computers will be 10/100/1000 or good if you might use it after upgrading later on…-21

    Cheap 10/100 cheap cheerful and worth it if you never use the 1000 speed…-21

    Also what anewman about the DCHP is needed to do what i have said, i jsut took that as a given, pretty sure you woumld have DHCP though.
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    Cheers guys, i will take all into consideration and watch this space for me doing something wrong lol. Bit of a computer biff as all forces lads are. Help is much appreciated though

    Get yourself a print server then the printer can be available all the time without the PC it is directly connected to having to be on or being burdened with the task of sharing the printer. I use on of these for one of my printers and it does the job just fine, you can pick them up off that auction site cheaply. It works by WLAN and also by a LAN connection…8-2
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    Or get a wireless printer?
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