Printable DVD-Rs.Any good deals around?

    As subject says.looking to get around a 100 as long as they are a reliable make.



    i got mine via SVP - so far so good.
    email [email protected], and ask for a HUKD SVP discount stating your email addy and name. think i got a discount of £1.99 for delivery that time.

    i purchased :
    2 x Ritek Inkjet Printable 8x DVD-R / Pack of 50 [3192] £10.10
    2 x PiData Ritek Full-Face Printable 8x DVD-R / Pack of 50 Discs [3658] £10.82
    1 x Aone Full-Face Printable (8x) Double Layer DVD+R / Spindle tub of 10 [3637] £3.63

    i wanted to test if they're ok/better/reliable brand. i find the price depends on what speed you can burn them on your burner (2x is cheaper than 4x) and the make. think ritek is generally ok, google to search for reviews as there are various 'dyes' like G05. good luck!

    ]" target="_blank" class="link" rel="nofollow noopener">] have got some cheap at the moment, if you order enough for the free postage its not too bad as most other places charge postage which puts the price up Ricoh dvd+r 50 pack £4.99, shame thats the only dvds theyve got at a good price.
    forgot to say theyre 16 speed
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