Printable dvds/cd-roms

    Just splased out on a brand new HP D5160 (top bargain! £25 offer usually £70 at the apple store) and it prints onto printable discs.

    Any recommendations where i can get these from relatively cheap and reliably? I have white-top Infiniti cd-roms but as they aren't rough like the sample disc they included with the printer,I presume the ink won't stick? Is this right?



    Free delivery makes them cheapest. The CDs need to be 'printable'.

    it's really a case of whether you want FULL face printing...the infinity ones are NOT full face....look at [url][/url] but beware postage costs

    Try…php the postage costs can be high due to the weight around £6, find a local cash & carry were you'll get similar prices

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    Yeah I do want full face printing - do some nice graphics and stuff. Thanks everyone.
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