Found 15th Dec 2005
Hi guys and gals,

Has anybody seen a good deal on a colour printer (A4) that will also print good quality digital camera photographs on those purpose-made 6*4/7*5 glossies you can buy?

thanks and merry xmas,

/EDIT: Would like a good one (HP etc.) rather than a cheap naff one (like a Lexmark). Have had previous bad experience with Epson kit.

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Take a look at Canon printers. IMHO this is better buy than HP.

Canon vs HP.

I personally have Epson RX425 and very happy with it. I also had bad experience with Epson (Stylus 680 was a nightmare!) but decided to give'em one more chance.

I would also recommend Canon. I've had an MP360 for over a year and have been very impressed with it. If you go here you can choose a printer, upload a photo and they will print it on the printer you chose and send it out to you
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