Found 12th Sep 2010
I'm after a cheap printer, mainly for printing off documents rather than photos. Obviously, it also needs to have cheap cartridges, unlike the current HP psc that I'm stuck with. So does anyone have any recommendations?
Thank you
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Kodak have been advertising printers on TV and they say that the replacement inks are cheaper too. Not used one myself, but may be worth looking at.
I pretty sure the gadget show did a special on printers and kodak printers won on cartridge cost and numbers of prints per cartridge, kodak is the way to go
hotukdeals.com/dea…540. Cheap to buy and print (using 3rd party cartridges).
I agree get this and be quick and buy these.
Ebay 30 INK CARTRIDGES for EPSON SX105 @£16.95 290471700353

I have had over 100 inks from them only 1 dud one.
Cos i touched the chip on cartridge.
These work out £0.56 and a half pence each.
Great deal i think.
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look on an auction site for a good brand laser printer that is collectable from where you live. they go for peanuts and toners are pretty cheap.
I must admit I have an Epson RX600 and the compatable cartirdges are really cheap for it. Last time on ebay paid £5.95 ish and got 2 sets of 6 inks.
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