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    Hi, I am looking to buy a new printer. I need a basic printer, and not really concerned about all in one's or wireless, etc.

    Have seen several deals, but ppl keep talking about cartridge prices, etc so was wondering if someone could give some tips on which one to go for. I was looking at a HP1000 for £15, but appears cartridges are expensive...

    Thank you in advance.


    Epson/ with a model number that can accept 99p or less carts

    I hate HP with a vengeance since I got my HP wifi AIO. Keeps dropping connection, ink doesn't last long, & if it does manage to start printing it sometimes stops working halfway through a page.

    Kodak are supposed to be cheapest for ink.

    You can get epson compatible cartridges cheap as chips for certain models.

    I have had two HP's and would never touch one again..

    Kodak are good if you want to be able to go to the high street and pick up cheapish inks.

    I also find compatible ink for brother printers are dirt cheap.

    You cant go wrong with an epson sx125 (_;)

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    Great, thanks!!!

    i have the sx110 its pretty neat and cheap

    I prefer Brother printers, get cheapo CISS carts and you're sorted.
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