Posted 20th Dec 2022 (Posted 7 h, 28 m ago)
Hello All!

Just wondering if there are any Printer experts who can help me select the most economical/budget printer under £100.

Context: at most I have to print stuff once or twice a month.

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    I highly recommend getting an ink subscription like HP's Instant Ink in you plan on using it for a while. Think I pay £3 per month for 50 pages and unused prints carry over to the next month, then it automatically orders you fresh cartridges when you're low on ink. It's particularly good if you print photos, as you can print A4 photos on max quality if you wanted to.
    I only print a few sheets of paper once or twice a month so maybe that would work. Which hp printer would I need to qualify for instant ink?
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    Offers come and go. First filter has to be a printer for which firstcallinks or other reputable supplier can provide reasonable replacement cartridges. I’ve been using them on brother printers for many, many years with no complaints.
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    If it's 1 or 2 sheets a month (and if you're not bothered about colour printing) then a Brother Mono laser printer is the one for you. Any cheap model is good enough and will last you years on the same ink toner.
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    No expert, but you'll need to say what volume of usage & type you envisage as that'll help determine mono laser/inkjet etc...
    have updated the discussion description. cheers.
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    Give more info
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    Cheap brother or samsung/ hp mono laser.
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