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Posted 1st Oct 2022 (Posted 10 h, 39 m ago)
hoping someone can help, so I'm trying to print boarding passes and the image is correct on print setup page but when it prints, it's cutting part of the QR code off, any idea why this is ?
I'm useless with printers and they drive me crazy, took me 2 days and multiple calls to hp tech support to get it working because it kept saying I don't have use of the cartridges although I pay each month for instant ink sub.
solved that and now the QR is unreadable.
I'm trying to print it the same way jet2 do it, 6x4 portrait so paper is folded twice leaving a reasonably sized pass but it's cutting the edge off, if I print it 5x7 or A4 it prints perfectly.
any ideas? would really appreciate any help, TIA
below is setup and bottom is the print
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    If you are printing from mobile, I'd suggest you save the pdf boarding pass, then open the app and print that way, selecting the document from your files. (edited)
    Doing this didn't work with 4x6 still had edge missing, however it gave an extra option of 100x150mm which is very slightly smaller and printed correctly thank you, appreciate it
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    Not much help with the printing but don't forget to charge your phone!!
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    Select the correct paper size - also you may need to change from portrait to landscape
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    Look through print preferences; is there a margin-less option?
    The only options are below, no margin options, if I click more options tab there's nothing there
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    They can just scan it from your phone. I've done this on every flight for many years.
    We did this last time in 2019, it takes longer and we had a load of elderly people moaning behind us, shouting why can't they just print them like everyone else
    There's a group of us who travel on the same booking so I have all the tickets on my jet2 app and had to keep scrolling through to find whichever persons passport they chose to open next as they didn't keep them in the order I put them in, we have enough stress as it is travelling with people with special needs, so figured this time I'll just print and slot them into the correct passports.
    I appreciate the help though
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    I'd add it's a good idea to download the jet2 app then you'll have all your documents in one place including the boarding passes, I stopped bothering printing mine out as the airport scanner didn't recognize them possibly due to me being a tight was and using a cheap refilled cartridge.

    Oh and sorry if you were already aware if you book a package holiday on the app you get a tenner off per person
    We have the jet2 app just incase but in a group it took a while scrolling through before, matching tickets with the passport order they chose to open.
    So printing to slot into passports, also we book flights only and hire villas so unable to use the £10 savings but luckily had a 15% off code via email which saved us quite a bit.
    Thanks for the input, I've managed to print them correctly now, using the hpsmart app there's an extra option of 100x150mm which worked (edited)