Printer help required

    My printer (a Canon S200x) has died and I am after a replacement.

    I do not want to spend silly amounts of money, not really any more than £50, as I am looking for one as cheap as possible really, as I do not do massive amounts of printing, maybe the odd photo if I cannot get it printed by Bonusprint in time if it is needed in a rush, the odd document here and there, so I do not require anything fancy.

    I am really looking for a printer that I can get cheap cartridges for, prints a decent quality photo and a decent all round printer, but swaying more to the budget printer rather than top end.

    I thought I would ask before someone says why don't you use Google, as
    Google does not tell you what people thought of something and I have asked on here before and bought on recommendations and been happy with them, which is why I am asking again.

    Thanks to anyone that can help.


    I bought a cannon ip4300 a few months ago, very impressed so far!
    Also prints on (printable) discs.
    The paper can be loaded into a cartirge at the front which keeps it nice and compact. It also does two sided printing.

    If you have a search around you should find one for around your budget.


    Just my reccomendation, sure there will be others!.....

    Well I became a convert to Brother printers about 2 years ago. Cheapish to buy and the ink is usually under £2 per cartridge. Also, most models have a 3yr free onsite warranty you can apply for as per my thread ]HERE

    Had HP before (too expensive to run) and Epson (ok but the odd paper jam) but have never encountered a single issue with my 2 Brother machines. You can pick up an all in one scanner, printer, copier for the price and size of a regular printer.

    I've recently picked up an Epson Stylus DX4450 from PC World, for £40. It's a scanner and a printer. The photo quality is great and it uses 4 separate cartridges. Official cartridges are around £5 each, but third-party ones are cheaper.

    It's bigger than a non-all-in-one-printer, but I rate it very highly. It operates as a standalone photocopier as well.

    Failing that, I'd agree with kevinyork - the brother printers are well put together and cheap to run. The all-in-one DPC range offer exceptional value for money and a £2 a pop for official cartridges, won't break the bank either.
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