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Posted 6th Nov
Hi. I wondered if anyone has had experience of refilling printer ink cartridges? I am getting fed up paying so much to replace them. Thank you
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Use an epson printer problem solved
What printer do you have? Sometimes it's more cost effective to buy a new printer based on price of ink carts.

I've two printers. One for everday use that costs me about 40p a cart and one for best prints that costs me about a £1 a cart.
Now you know why they're so cheep, they bend you over the table with the cost of cartridges.
Look up your model with "external tanks"
I remember many years ago when CISS came out i bought it for my Epson and i got ink everywhere even though i was extra careful. Took days to get it off my hands as well.
as others have said, may be best to ditch the printer and get one where you can get reliable cheap non branded ink. laserjet printers are also better if you do a lot of printing.
Lots of choices from hp cheap printers on instant ink or buying a mono laser printer
jpoolfitz06/11/2019 17:06

Use an epson printer problem solved

I'd rather NOT use an Epson if you want to refill at home.

I don't print a lot, so it makes no sense to pay too much for ink or toner (I use both).
For ink, you can install a CIS (continuous ink system) if you print a lot, or manual refill when is needed.
The above ink cost me £5 from 7days. Those botles can be used for CIS if you have the CIS adapter for your printer.
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Anyone need 953xl ink for multiple hp printers?
I use refillable cartridges in my epson photo printer.

Main issue with them is the chips in them auto-reset themselves and can't be manually reset when refilled so I have to check the cartridges regularly and refill or swap any that are getting low, as the software ink level indication is meaningless. The chips used in compatible pre-filled carts for my model also used to auto reset.

I went for refillable carts rather than continuous ink because I didn't want a tank and tubes strapped to the side of the printer that might get knocked spilling ink.

I've also refill my mono laser printer's toner.
Thank you for all your comments. I have an HP Envy. The ink doesn’t seem to last very long at all even with light use
What refillable would you recommend?
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