Printer. Inkjet or Laserjet

    Hi there!

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    I am looking for a second printer. I currently have the HP 8500g which is a brilliant multifunction inkjet with cheap ink cartridges.

    I am looking for a new printer. Preferably a colour. Don't want to spend as much as I did last time.

    The main things I am looking for:

    Cheap Cartridges, Colour. Good Quality Build and printing.

    (I hate the idea of having to buy a new printer in 2 months because the ink heads have been blocked or getting lines running across prints. Don't care about speed or multifunction or the fact it has an LCD screen that you can programme to make coffee)

    The Cheaper the better, but would rather pay more and get a lower running cost.

    Thank you in advance, sorry for the long post!!


    Look for the price of cartridges (original or generic) and estimate how much printing you'll be doing .. then get a suitable printer

    A friend of mine got a very cheap printer, but the cartridges cost him an arm and a leg every time.

    far better pay more for the printer then have cheaper running costs

    I have a Kodak Printer and the inks are really cheap in comparison to all the others.
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